5720 Windy Dr Ste A., Stevens Point, WI, 54481-8492 
Full service,Dine in,Take out,Delivery

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Reviewed by: the_brainbuster on: 2021/2/22 10:30:03
Absolutely delicious food. We were staying at the Holiday Inn, they delivered it to the lobby as requested and even gave us forks. Impressive!
Reviewed by: andreakoch10 on: 2020/12/13 8:35:42
May we get 2 homemade hot mustard please....not packets...ty
Reviewed by: dmalderman18 on: 2020/3/20 16:35:09
What happened??? Use to love the food. This was bland and tasteless. Tasted over cooked and the sauce was horrible. Potstickers were my favorite and now they are mealy and terrible. Wasted $20 on dinner that tasted more like La choy canned garbage. So disappointed.
Reviewed by: burke_gurl on: 2020/2/29 8:18:40
Food was flavorless and despite ordering "Medium Hot" for one of my entrees, all I got was bland food. Felt like I was eating hospital food. Chicken was overcooked and hard. Crab Rangoon was the only thing I actually ate...the rest was $20 worth of unappetizing food.
Reviewed by: bmfp65 on: 2020/2/10 17:41:57
I didn't get everything the way I ordered it. Our Crab Rangoon didn't come with the sweet and sour sauce. I called to inform them of the problems and nothing was done. It cost me$50 to know I'll never get anything from them again.
Reviewed by: russmeronk2 on: 2019/8/26 10:05:31
Your on-line ordering sucks. It is 11:55 am. and it will not let me order any lunch orders. Web site says that the item I wish to order is only available for 11 am to 2:30 pm I will never try and order for here again
Reviewed by: farska on: 2019/4/20 15:33:56
your food is delicious
Reviewed by: kgbbaspeckma on: 2019/2/16 17:02:20
Wondering about the status of my on line order at 5:48. Is it coming?
Reviewed by: jillhiggins22 on: 2018/2/12 16:08:22
Usually I don't complain about them but this time I have to. I ordered delivery. Shrimp and rice were over cooked,shrimp was hard. They said over an hour for delivery, were here in less than an hour. So that's good. But shrimp and rice sucked. $20 wasted .
Reviewed by: Lindsey P. on: 1/27/2013 11:49:00 AM
I ordered my food for delivery over an hour ago and I just got a phone call from them saying that they went back to the restaurant because they could not find my building...you cannot miss my building, it's on the college campus. They asked if I would come pick it up or get someone to get it for me...if I could have picked it up, then why did I ask for delivery? We've yet to find out if I get my food or not, but they're still going to charge me full price.
Reviewed by: Irina F. on: 1/21/2013 10:32:00 PM
Nice little Chinese lace with big variety of soups and entrees. Clean and warm on a cold winter day. They also have lunch menu and buffet.