2720 MARCONI AVE, SACRAMENTO, CA, 95821-4914 

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Reviewed by: Ty D. on: 3/21/2013 10:50:00 PM
This place is awesome. I always got one of the dinner specials. I believe getting that is best value. Try B for 3. Its about $30 but we would have enough food for 5 people. FOIL WRAP CHICKEN IS AWESOME!!!!!!
Reviewed by: Ebony B. on: 3/11/2013 11:36:00 AM
Giving it one star since it won't let give zero stars. Lunch specials are really cheap. The food is ok (if you're really hungry). The staff seems distracted. They messed up our order at least three times while we were there and it took the staff about 20 minutes to bring the bill. One of the worst hole in the wall chinese food spots I been to.
Reviewed by: Will P. on: 3/9/2013 1:23:00 AM
By far... the worst... Chinese food... I've ever had!!The fried rice was burnt and smothered in grease. Noodles were the same. The place is dirty and I guess I should have turned around when the parking lot was completely empty and we were the only patrons inside. Learned a lesson. Now I just hope I don't get indigestion tonight.
Reviewed by: Rashelle V. on: 2/17/2013 8:36:00 PM
This is by far the worst restaurant I have eaten at in Sacramento. I ordered Kung pao beef and chicken fried rice. It was expensive but I was hopeful. I should have know based on the appearance of the place as I waited for my to go order. I honestly don't expect that this business ever sees a repeat customer. There was no beef in the entree...just onions and cashews in a horribly salty sauce and the fried rice was....not fried! just soaked in soy sauce. I wouldn't eat it again even if it were FREE!
Reviewed by: Daisy C. on: 2/15/2013 2:47:00 PM
We just moved into the area, and without reading reviews we gave House of Chan a try. I have learned my lesson, and we will read reviews before trying a new restaurant. The owners are very hard to understand. The menu is very limited and they do not allow substitutes. The food was not good, and it was cold. Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Chan but we will not be back!
Reviewed by: Ashley M. on: 1/21/2013 7:12:00 PM
My boyfriend and I came here over the weekend. Before we walked in, my boyfriend asked a couple that was walking out "is this place any good?" They're response was "Yeah its alright, we've gotten take out a few times". So that helped me walk in thinking positively. Boy was I wrong!! The decor is horrible. The place looks like it's never been vacuumed. Our 'waitress' was a young girl, maybe 15 years old. She didnt know anything that was on the menu and every time we asked her a question about one of the combination plates, she had to go in the kitchen to ask. The food too a while to come out.We didnt get our tea or soup that was suppose to come with our meal. And the food was just 'blah'. [foil wrapped chicken, sweet & sour chicken, chicken chow main & fried rice]I'd rather have panda express!!
Reviewed by: Mary C. on: 1/2/2013 9:30:00 AM
I hate to post negative reviews, but this restaurant should carry a warning label. The food was old and rancid -- the beef actually smelled spoiled. The pork had been so overcooked, much of it was like little rocks and inedible. The broth of the won ton soup had the strangest taste -- dishwater perhaps? It was seriously the worst Chinese food I have ever had. The service was just as bad.
Reviewed by: F S. on: 11/27/2012 2:29:00 AM
If I could give below a 1 I would. The decor sucks, it i has a grimey feeling in the restaurant.it was like a Fire drill.... No one knew what the other person was doing.I ordered a 1/2 order of Hot and sour soup, chow fun, garlic chicken and beef with broccoli.well, service was not good ( to say the least) Mrs. Chan after taking our order walked in the back and was screaming to the cooks ( Yikes)all of a sudden a guy popped out of the back with some food. put it on our table we just looked at each other and said we did not order that. This happened 2 more times. then the guy brought us each a bowl of the daily soup. well, ok. we didn't order it but we were hungry. well, I think it was egg flower soup ( think... I have never had egg flower soup that I would call slimy. but this soup was.. it tasted ok but bland.so about 10 minutes went buy the same guy that has been bringing us food that is suppose to go to other tables brings the hot and sour soup. All I can say is OMG YUCK!!! when it was brought to the table we looked at it and both said what is it?? it doesn't look like hot and sour soup. I was thinking maybe it will taste good. well, I started to ladle it into the bowl and I said what the hell is that smell? omg this soup smells disgusting... I tried to bring it to my lips many times but I could not stomach the smell. i think Ammonia would have smelled better. I have never smelled anything like that before. we just left it. never tasted it.so our guy that keeps bringing the food brings us our three dishes..well, the garlic chicken should have been called onion chicken. the plate was all onions could not see, smell or taste onions and very little chicken. no flavor whats so ever.the broccoli beef - was slimy.. I have never had slimy broccoli beef. it had no flavor and very little beef.the chow fun had very little noodles mostly onions with no flavor.Mrs chan asked us three times if we wanted a box we said no. she asked if everything tasted ok. I'm sorry but I didnt have the heart to tell her everything was disgusting, visually, smell, and taste.all I can say is if you happen to be by there Don't stop!!! not worth it.. don't waste your calories on this so called food.
Reviewed by: Jeremy H. on: 11/17/2012 7:26:00 PM
Food tastes bad and they cut corners on a scale I've never experienced before.We ordered sizzling rice soup, but since they closed in 40 minutes they refused to make it for us. Instead we ordered their suggestion, the hot and sour soup. I have had a lot of hot and sour soups in my days, most were ok, some great. An "Ok," but not that great one, for example, would be Panda Express. Somehow House of Chan was able to make the worst I've ever experienced. I usually finish things anyway and so does my wife... neither of us could nor did we bother bringing home the leftovers.Kung Pow chicken was next on the list, which is a classic and can vary somewhat from place to place. It was one their spiciest plates in the menu, but I would venture to guess there was not a single ingredient in here that was spicy. My 18 month old son can't eat even slightly spicy foods, but he ate this no problem... and right away considering it wasn't hot. We actually try not to feed him meat very often, which was fine in the case of this dish considering their was almost no chicken... definitely the single ingredient that was in the dish that was included the least. Perhaps customers would prefer not to be deceived by the title and they could rename it "General's Water Chestnuts."Finally the beef chow mein. I was looking forward to this one the least, though it sadly was the best (less to screw up perhaps). However, their was more sprouts in this thing than noodles, so your average chow mein fan might be disappointed... I'm not a huge fan of noodles in most meals, so I wasn't.Conclusion: avoid like the plague. Not only the worst chinese I've had in Sacramento, but one of the worst restaurants overall considering cleanliness, customer service, quality of food, meal size, etc. They suck.
Reviewed by: Paul J. on: 11/15/2012 8:47:00 AM
The only thing good here are the pot stickers. I honestly can not say anything good about anything else I tried here. The only time I go here is when I'm drunk and don't feel like walking too far for anything else. This is unfortunately by far one of the worst Chinese restaurants in Sacramento. The next time I'm drunk, I'll order a delivery pizza.
Reviewed by: Summer M. on: 4/16/2012 2:57:00 AM
House is Chan is your typical hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant. It's a small place with comfortable decor and a TV (I didn't realize how welcome background sound is in a quiet restaurant!) I liked the toy vending machines near the counter... Domo toys FTW. We were the only dine-in customers, but places like this almost always do most of their business via take-out. We were seated and served immediately by a tiny friendly Asian lady and had our food within 10 minutes. Up until the food, I would've happily given the place 4 stars.The food is OK. I got the combination plate #4: the egg flower soup was yummy, the spare ribs were alright, the fried rice and chow mein were pretty good (you have to *try* to mess those standards up), but the sweet n sour chicken was no bueno. J got the #2 combo and reported the same problem with his sweet n sour pork. The prices were good; dinner for two with drinks (including beer) was $20. After the food, I give House of Chan 3 stars.
Reviewed by: Elizabeth O. on: 2/5/2012 2:55:00 PM
I've been eating here since 2000. And I can honestly say the Chans are good people. The restraunt could use a little updating, but the food isn't all that bad. I order the sweet and sour chicken with chicken chow mein. Now while he doesn't have a lot of flavor, not many true Chinese establishments do, because in China to flavor your food is bad manners and offensive to the cook. Overall the food isn't that bad. They deliver, which is rare for a Chinese place to do. I have been going here for many years,and would be extremely upset if they were forced to shut down. Not necessarily a 5 star restraunt, but when you dine in the portions are good sized and hot. I will keep going as long as they stay open.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2003-03-16
Without question, this is the WORST restaurant that I have ever experienced. I should have realized this when I noticed that there was only one other person seated at the table on the evening in which I entered. Many Chinese restaurants do a ...?
Reviewed by: Sarah K. on: 2006-03-28
This place has the best food at great prices! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Once, my sister and I arrived here right after closing time, and the lady on staff offered to make us some food to go! It was so inexpensive for two of ...?
Reviewed by: bob schmid on: 2008-08-04
Food was bad - but not nearly as bad as the environment at the restaurant. Alarms going off in the kitchen,carts of meat being wheeled right past the patrons and loud staff arguments.Not reccomended. ...?
Reviewed by: Trillian on: 2008-08-04
My experience at the house of Chan was awful. Even though I was in good company that still couldn't overcome the bad food and atmosphere. The restuarant was loud (people working there) and the food was the worst Chinese food I have ever had. ...?
Reviewed by: C. Rader on: 2009-11-07
Undoubtably the worst chinese food I have ever had. You are better off ordering from Raley's "Sizzling Wok". Don't waste your time, money or taste buds. I cannot believe they can stay in business. ...?
Reviewed by: Sacramento blog uncut on: 2009-11-14
What's with all the haters? I have been there many times & enjoyed the food.... check out all of my reviews at: www.sacramento-blog-uncut.blogspot.com ...?