151 E Coulter Ave, Powell, WY, 82435-2719 

Business Hours:
Closed Mondays
Restaurant Location
Small town
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Average Price
Restaurant Type
Main Stream Americans

Ratings 67 people have voted

Awards and Honors

For the Top 100 Restaurants
Top 100 Local Favorite  (2012)
Top 100 Buffet  (2011)


Reviewed by: angie_delise on: 2017-04-10
Love eating here!!! Great customer service and excellent food.
Reviewed by: pauly590 on: 2017-04-05
This place was the worst Chinese place I've ever been to!!!! While me and my family were there a MOUSE scurried under our table!!!! I told the owner Miss Lu who proceeded to tell me that I was lying!! I will never go back to this DUMP AGAIN!!!
Reviewed by: daisyjiang on: 2012-08-13
The Chinese food here is great! Good price.I love it!
Reviewed by: duanem43 on: 2011-06-13
Excellent place for a lunch. Our family enjoys the many tasty choices a the great buffet every time we eat there. Great food,wonderful people and service plus a terrific atmosphere.
Reviewed by: yanikoo on: 2011-05-30
I love this place! The owners are so friendly and I feel part of the family each time I go there, which is quite often. The food is outstanding. I spent Christmas Eve there and had a wonderful time.
Reviewed by: jasmin_borja10 on: 2011-04-28
I have worked in Chinatown for about five years. I love working there and Chinatown is part of my family. I eat there almost everyday, the food never gets old!... I love all the friendly customers and co-workers :)
Reviewed by: mialong on: 2011-04-13
This restaurant is famous for the fine preparation of dishes, which are seasonable and excellent in colour, smell, taste and form.

Chinatown Chinese Buffet

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