274 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA, 19103-5601 
Full service

Szechuan House Chinese Restaurant in may leave customers elegant dining experience, was opened in 1994 by Tang De Wong. Although he insists what he serves is Americanized Chinese, it certainly appears otherwise. The restaurant was redecorated in 2008. The spacious dining room features a cozy yet elegant atmosphere with influences from oriental designs. All the different elements blend in a harmonious way, generating a soothing and pleasant ambiance.


Stringent multi-step processes are used throughout the whole cooking process to respect the most classic Chinese recipes and to provide diners an authentic dining experience. General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Pad Thai are some of the chef’s specialties at Szechuan House which are praised by most of the diners. The basic standard for cooking at Szechuan House’ kitchen is to use very little oil/salt and no MSG. Mock meat, which are made of gluten, are also available here, offering vegetarians a wide range of choice.


Aside from the home-made refined sauces, the freshness and high quality of each item also attract customers living in and out of the town and some celebrities to come back again and again. Along with the favorable offering and tidy ambiance, Szechuan House Chinese Restaurant guarantees every diner an unforgettable dining experience of authentic Asian feast.