1303 SW LEE BLVD, LAWTON, OK, 73501 
Take out,Fast Food
Chinese Food

Business Hours:
Tues-Thur 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri & Sat 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Average Price
Restaurant Type
Take out
Fast Food
Chinese Food

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Reviewed by: ndnnrse on: 2020/3/4 17:05:47
I ordered a pick up menu and I was looking forward to enjoying a delicious meal. I was starving so I thought my mouth would be watering with the aroma of the menu filling my car on my way home. I was so disappointed that everything on the PU PU appetizer tray. The sweet&sour pork was okay but not special as I had experienced approx 2 yrs ago when it was amazing soooo the breading was light,fluffy and the tender meat filling it wasnt hard crunchy breading and filled with tough meat. I'm sorry I love to eat so I'm not hard to please but I know when its poor quality.
Reviewed by: itsazoooutthere on: 2019/12/31 10:40:43
online ordering doesn't work
Reviewed by: i4ni79 on: 2019/12/12 17:26:07
Just got my food delivered from Hot Wok a little while ago. The food was amazing! I have to give a shout out to the delivery driver Amanda. She was fast, nice, polite, courteous, funny, and super friendly! She definitely made the delivery worth every penny. I will keep ordering food from Hot Wok as long as Amanda keeps delivering!
Reviewed by: marcus_cradic on: 2019/11/27 19:54:36
Order update for the Vegetable Lo Mein and soup that was wrong. So not sure if it was the manager. I got a call informing me of the mistake of the wrong order. He called me after hours and offered me a refund or another order to make it right. Thanks Hot Wok team
Reviewed by: marcus_cradic on: 2019/11/27 19:13:49
Ordered two Vegatable Lo Mein Vegatable soup and Fried Chicken wings They brought me fried rice with shrimps and chicken inside. Noodles with shrimp and some vegetables with all types of meat inside.. Didn't get a receipt for it as well. Thanks and want order again. Wrong order and they close at 2100; and they dropped my wrong order off about 5 Mins before closing Time.. Thanks again
Reviewed by: briana_loza on: 2019/4/7 13:58:28
Horrible customer service over the phone, extremely impatient, and cuts you off when stating your payment type to say “can you please pay cash?”
Reviewed by: johnny_stunami63 on: 2018/8/29 17:12:10
The delivery driver was absolutely horrible and greatly reflects this bussiness
Reviewed by: irish_bastard08 on: 2018/8/29 17:11:28
The worst delivery service i've ever had. Driver was irrational and rude
Reviewed by: luttrell_jake on: 2018/8/29 17:10:54
The Delivery driver was a fat fuckin asshole, with a disgusting ass whip
Reviewed by: amyenglish on: 2018/8/18 15:39:16
Stupid morons. You've had this website forever, and can't get it to work. HIRE A WEBMASTER IDIOTS!!!!!!! what's the point of ONLINE ordering....IF YOU CAN'T ORDER ONLINE!!!!!!
Reviewed by: ggg on: 2018/4/28 14:56:25
This Chinese place sucks. Worst tasting Chinese Food I ever had and I am Chinese-American
Reviewed by: noway on: 2018/3/23 11:22:07
this place is NASTY
Reviewed by: lilkoton826 on: 2018/2/10 12:00:50
Love this place! Serving sizes are huge and food is lways fresh and tastes great. Dont have to wait very long when it comes to delivery. Never had an issue good food always!!!
Reviewed by: kingkarmo51 on: 2018/1/16 16:04:16
ordered on sun.1-14-20..my order was so messed up, did only got 2 items right out of 5..and could not understand the person who took my order....sad, sad, sad
Reviewed by: gmacorley on: 2016-10-29
Placed an order on Friday and ordered four lunch specials to be delivered. When the food arrived one
Reviewed by: lventura86 on: 2016-05-30
Sometimes it's hard to understand the person when you order but she is very very nice and the delive
Reviewed by: Shaylynn2345 on: 2016-04-25
Ordered over the phone, they were terribly rude. Definitely not appreciated
Reviewed by: kjaynes62 on: 2016-03-09
Would not recommend! Worst Chinese I have ever had! Not to mention I was told they didn't have any d
Reviewed by: Londonvampire44 on: 2016-03-04
Was very disappoint. Ordered the fried shrimp with fried rice and general chou chicken. Both were v
Reviewed by: Manzbody on: 2016-01-17
Terrible phone service requested to speak to someone else got hung up on and requested to speak to t
Reviewed by: rachbry67 on: 2015-10-09
I placed an order for my fiance who is at Fort Sill Army Base. The driver called me and said that he was unable to find me. Well yes, I ordered it for my fiance, not for myself and it should be indicated on the order ticket as it was on my email. The driver said that he has wasted 20 minutes of him time looking for me. If he would have read his order ticket correctly he wouldn't have wasted 20 minutes of his time or mine. The driver proceeded to back talk me and say how he wasted his time and he hung up on me. I called him back to say how rude it was and that I am a customer and he should not have done that. He never apologized. He said he would make his delivery to the correct person after his current order. I am sorry that he had a hard time finding my fiance, but how is that my fault. I clearly wrote on the order that it was FOR him and not for me. That would be obvious to me. I just wanted to write about my experience and how displeased I am over this whole ordeal. I do not live in Oklahoma, nor will I ever, but this was truly an experience I would share with anyone I knew or know around there. I'm not looking for any freebies of any kind, I just thought management should know about the drivers they have. Thanks for your time.
Reviewed by: billyr on: 2015-08-06
Hello,I am with Headrick Outdoor Media and we have some billboards available in Lawton. Right now I have nine different locations on I-44, HWY 7, and Ft. Sill Boulevard. Let me know if you might be interested in hearing some details and pricing on any or all of those locations.Thank you!
Reviewed by: zmelissa86 on: 2015-01-22
I love the food! My favorite is the broccoli shrimp. The size of the shrimp is not found any where e
Reviewed by: ok_songbird on: 2014-10-21
A drink menu for delivery would be a nice addition. TY
Reviewed by: J C. on: 9/17/2013 5:17:45 AM
Food was tasty, the chicken was very hard and crunchy, we had the general tso, orange chicken and sesame chicken, wish the food was fresh