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Reviewed by: champion825 on: 2015-04-15
Just so you know we really want to order something and your phone is probably off the hook. Because we've kept calling for 34 minutes and keep getting the busy tone.
Reviewed by: Mina V. on: 9/23/2013 9:26:30 AM
**Review of Delivery Only**I live around the corner from this place, and pass by it all the time. I'm picky about my Chinese food, and get nervous trying new places.Yesterday, as a bit of back story, I spent all day with my roommates cleaning our house and garage.By 4:00pm, I was starving, and ready to just order in and veg out.My roommate and looked up the menu for Red Shrimp Company, since we had just seen it again Saturday night, and were curious about the food.The web ordering process was confusing, so we called in and ordered the family meal, to feed 3 people. This came with: 3 entrees (picked from a list, not from the full menu), steamed rice, a choice of fried rice or shrimp lo mein, your choice of soups, and 3 egg rolls and 3 crab rangoon.We were quoted about 55 minutes for the delivery, which was fine.About 35 minutes later, the food had arrived!So excellent points on a quick and speedy delivery.The Orange Chicken: Good. Better than some that I've had.The Kung Pao Chicken: very good. I don't do spicy, and it had a very nice heat to it.The Moo Goo Gai Pan: exceptional. I'd never had it before, so i can't really compare it to other places, but I REALLY liked the flavor.The chicken was tender in all three entrees.Crab Rangoon: AWESOME. It was still hot, and was not soggy, like some places rangoons are when delivered. I enjoyed it a lot.Egg rolls: Meh. I've had better.Lo Mein: The menu had said shrimp, but we got chicken. Minor disappointment, but the chicken was moist and tender, and the noodles were great, so no biggie.Rice: We were supposed to get steamed rice, but they gave us chicken fried rice instead. Nice surprise. It was good, but...a little bland, and kind of dry.The soup, I hated, but my roommate loved. We got the Egg Flower soup...I personally think it looked like snot, and had a snotty/slimey/gross texture to it. I've had homemade Egg drop soup before and liked it, but this was just nasty.So, all in all, it was ok. I think we definitely got our moneys worth.I'd order from here again, for sure, just to try some of the other options, and for more Crab Rangoon.
Reviewed by: Adam K. on: 9/17/2013 2:34:15 AM
Good Mongolian Beef. Restaurant was clean. Good prices.
Reviewed by: Dino S. on: 7/5/2013 5:44:31 AM
Been there a few times and usually get the curry chicken which is pretty good and with plenty of chicken and onions. Also, I usually dine in but this place is too small for a good experience. Most orders are to go. They seem short on staff and the Chinese woman that answers the phone also has to do lots of other things. Her english is just passable and can see phone orders being messed up. Make sure you repeat your order to her.
Reviewed by: Marvin A. on: 2/26/2013 11:44:00 AM
Lunch prices are really good I always get orange chicken & fried rice with egg roll. Always done the same. Cant go wrong with with lunch. Quiet little spot with like 5 tables.
Reviewed by: Michelle N. on: 11/17/2012 4:55:00 AM
I received a flyer on my door from this restaurant and decided I would try it for lunch.The lunch special was $5.25 when I got it for a pretty large serving of seasame chicken and fried rice. An egg roll was also included.I like to give restaurants a chance to impress me, even if they are run down ma and pop kind of places. I wish I had known this was a "fast food" Chinese place. It looked pretty dingy and sad. It was strange, when you walk in you see sort of like a panda express/buffet-like area with display glass. However, there wasn't food there (except fortune cookies), and you had to order your food from the lady at the front. You paid, and then when it was ready, you picked it up from the front. In that respect, it is nice to have fresh food. It was pretty hot though, even when I tried to cool it down.I had the seasame chicken, but I wonder if she thought I said sweet and sour. It had the sweet and sour flavor to me, but it was sprinkled with seasame seeds. I have only experienced seasame chicken at a Japanese restaurant before, and it was such a bad comparison. It was too tangy and greasy here. It was not appetizing to eat it at all. It was very saucy, and it took up half my plate. I didn't finish the chicken. The fried rice was also unappetizing. I don't know what they used to stir fry it with, but it wasn't good, just tasted greasy. I wish I had gotten the steamed rice instead. I ate it, but I did not enjoy it at all. The vegetable egg roll that it came with (also included a little sauce cup of sweet and sour sauce) was also pretty strange tasting to me. It was doughy but also had some juicy sauce in there. It was strange for my mouth, but it wasn't bad per say. It wasn't very good either.They also have ice cream, but I didn't want to have any. It was a strange inclusion.I feel incredibly sad, because I wanted to enjoy them... but it was just not good. I don't see how they can live with themselves serving those plates. However, there was a usual there when I went, and a few others when I went around 1pm. To each their own. I would have rather gone to Panda Express.The lady in the front seemed nice, but I like to see the good in people. Because I paid with a credit card, she charged me a total of $6, even though it is $5.70 with tax. I didn't mind.I did not enjoy anything about the place except for the price, and in retrospect, was it really worth $5.25 or rather $6? Not really. i didn't even get a fortune cookie from the mountain they displayed in the front.The appearance of the place matches the food... cheap and unappetizing.
Reviewed by: Sean N. on: 10/6/2012 2:51:00 PM
This is an interesting hole in the wall place. I will start by saying that there egg rolls are very tasty!! and the price point is not terrible. I have yet to try any real meals here as I was walking back to work from the post office and wanted a better snack than what I had back at my office,Looking over there menu a few things jumped out and I must say that there lunch and dinner specials are a great deal! I plan on having lunch there very soon and will give a better review regarding the rest of there food. but....My biggest turn off about this place is that it is a hole in the wall! There neon lights are burnt out, there dinning area is dingy and dirty. It is pretty hot inside.. I guess there trying to save on there electric bill. There dinning furniture is old and belongs on a back porch not in a restaurant, it looks like they bought it from the outdoor flea market but hey it works right!!! There service was ok! not bad enought to really complain but it would be nice if the lady could speak better english!Even though all the bad listed above I'm still willing to give there lunch special a try. There were a few other people in there eating and there food looked and smelt delicious. I will just take it back to work and eat it!!!
Reviewed by: Cassie R. on: 6/16/2012 6:35:00 AM
i really want to like this place more then my last few experiences have been. its not bad, but its just not very good. all across the board its just lacking. typically the rice is hard, the sauces that the entrees are in are typically very watery... the vegetables are usually undercooked and overall its just bleh. my last experience there also left a bad taste in my mouth for this place.i ordered chicken and broccoli very spicy and chicken with mixed veggies. they get the order about ready to go, read it off and i tell her that the one entree is supposed to be chicken and broccoli not beef and broccoli... she then takes it out shows me the beef and broccoli and says something along the lines of me to look that its beef and broccoli... i tell her again its supposed to be chicken and broccoli she goes in the back comes back out calls someone over and then says its beef and broccoli i say i know its supposed to be chicken and broccoli she then asks if beef and broccoli is ok... i say no its supposed to be chicken and broccoli... she then finally goes in the back and has them make it... no apology no nothing....to top the experience off, when we got the food home it wasnt even good. it was actually pretty bad (usually its around average, but this time it was just... well, bad)overall i wouldnt say i won't go back again but idk when ill be back if i do go back. i wouldnt recommend it, but i wouldnt not recommend it, its mediocare- go there with that expectation.
Reviewed by: Jessica M. on: 3/24/2012 9:38:00 AM
I used to order delivery from this location about 2 years ago. Their dishes were flavorful and large - especially the lo mein. I stopped ordering because we moved to a different area. Now that I moved back I was excited that I could have them deliver again and on top of that able to order online.I selected the family meal for two, and submitted the payment online. 15 minutes later I get a call from the restaurant indicating that "they" did the order wrong and I have to pay again as it wasn't right? so I had to place my order again.. After confirming that I wouldn't be double charged I reluctantly gave them my information again and confirmed my order....... 5 minutes later...I see two different amount charges on my bank account.After several attempts at calling the restaurant back (kept getting a busy signal) I asked that they ensure my money was refunded. They stated they would call back for the refund confirmation.In the meantime, my ordered was delivered. I was SOOOO disappointed. There was absolutely NO FLAVOR in any of the items ordered.Egg Flower soup - was watered downBeef with Broccoli - soggy and seemed to have been out for a while, then reheatedWhite Rice - hard to chewChicken Fried Rice - no flavor/seasoningSesame Chicken - my boyfriend had it.. it didn't tempt me enough to eatI would say the only good thing that came out of that meal were the 4 egg rolls they included in the order.Oh.. and in regards to my refund for the double charge. I ended up having to go to the restaurant in order to ask for my refund. As I never received a call back that night..Buyers Beware!