2625 S Decatur Blvd Las Vegas NV 89102, LAS VEGAS, NV, 89102-8520 
Chinese Cuisine

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10:30 am -10:15 pm

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Chinese Cuisine

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Reviewed by: jtarin on: 2013-10-23
I don't know where the negative comments come from as I have none. If you want good food....this is the place. If you want ambiance......I suggest drive-thru or delivery.Both are excellent services.
Reviewed by: signet63 on: 2013-08-10
I think the food is great.
Reviewed by: signet63 on: 2013-08-10
Can not use coupons.
Reviewed by: Holly W. on: 8/3/2013 8:45:13 AM
My coworkers and I ate here for lunch yesterday. It wasn't great, wasn't really good either. But it was okay because we were hungry and we are all broke girls so we ate it anyway.I had the Chicken Teriyaki bowl. I'm seriously not trying to be stereo-typical here, I'm being dead serious when I say I don't think the chicken was actually chicken. It didn't look like chicken, wrong texture, wrong taste, everything. Dunno what it was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't chicken (Maybe pork with the skin still on? Not sure.). The veggies and rice were good. I picked out all the bamboo shoots because I'm just not a fan. The rice was actually really flavorful, almost more like a Jasmine type of rice. it was a little dry when it was freshly cooked, but was still pretty good as leftovers today.The crab rangoons were absolutely wonderful and the egg rolls were pretty good. Both of these are what kept this from being a 1 star review. The price and portion size is what gave it the 3rd star.The building is really super cute, with a drive-thru which is convenient.Customer service was crap. I'm going to just be brutally honest about the lady working. I drove up, she had our order ready already, which was the one good thing. On the phone we had told her we had a coupon for the crab rangoons and she just said, "I don't care, just show me the coupon when you get here." So that's what I did. Well, she got all pissy when I mentioned the coupon and said with a LOT of attitude, "Why didn't you tell me that before???" I mean, it was really mean the way she said it. And I tried to nicely tell her we did tell her about it (I even apologized even though I know it wasn't my fault), but she wasn't having it. She was going to be right no matter what, I guess. I tipped her to try and avoid getting the rangoons spit in (she made them fresh right then). So hopefully there was no bodily fluids anywhere. I guess we will never know. We also did not get any sauce, napkins, or eating utensils.Anyway, my coworkers got completely different food than I, so I can't speak for them about the taste of their food, other than to say that all 3 of us had bubble guts after eating our food. We spent the next few hours taking turns in the restroom.And the cherry on top... worst fortunes ever. Like, I'm talking about the kind with sentences that don't even make sense. But the cookies tasted like regular fortune cookies and weren't stale, so that's good.Not much else I can say about the place. I won't be eating there again, but at least I tried something new!
Reviewed by: Cynthia L. on: 1/12/2013 10:20:00 AM
I just can't. This place is disgusting.I don't know why I do this to myself. But I figured just because I had ONE not so good experience doesn't mean I should ax them out of my food choices.No. No. and No! This place must drench their food in grease. This time around, I ordered some garlic chicken dish that comes with "red fried rice." The garlic chicken tasted...."off." I can't really make out what the taste was but I definitely did NOT taste garlic. What's odd is that I tasted BAMBOO SHOOTS instead!!! Ummm...what!?!?!?! Why would someone put bamboo shoots in a garlic chicken dish!?!?! Two strong tasting flavors should NOT be mixed like that. And for those of you who know how bamboo shoots smell/taste like would know what I mean. With these nasty little creatures (or tasty, depends on how your taste buds are), you either love em or hate em.Chopstix, you utterly failed in my book. I don't care if you are less than 5 minutes away from where I live. Even if this was given to me for free, I would NOT eat their food. Stay away from here. I'm sure there are plenty, PLENTY of other "fake" chinese fast food restaurants here in town.
Reviewed by: Super M. on: 9/13/2012 1:30:00 AM
5 stars for Carry-out! Only 1 star for dining inside. Young Chinese guy real drab and bored at the counter, he kept clipping his fingernails on top the counter, gave us real cheap flimsy plastic forks that kept breaking off in our mouths, saw 3 flies swarming around, all the employees talk and yell really loud at each other in screeching Chinese very loud and ignorant , good food though for taking home and eating! They don't serve Ice with drinks and don't have any ice.....
Reviewed by: Demetria B. on: 9/7/2012 1:49:00 PM
CHOPSTIX EPRESS "NEW YORK STYLE", hmmm...So this is what "New York Style" chinese food taste like. Umm no, not impressed at all, i would say this is the equivalent to CHINA STAR BUFFET. If this is what New Yorker's are calling chinese food i feel sorry for them. They are really missing out on some good eats, so sad.Ok, .so i ordered GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN w/ fried rice and eggroll...never again- GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN: the chicken in this dish should be so tender that you can cut it w/ a plastic fork. u need a STEAK KNIFE, super tough and chewy. Total buffet style chicken (a CHEAP buffet) And where was my spice, usually i get a red pepper or two in the dish...nothing. i should of asked for the sarrachi to spice up the meal. (is that the correct spelling? sar-ra-chi...you know what i'm talking about)- FRIED RICE: nothing special, bland, flavorless, loaded w/ chunks of brown onion- EGGROLL: "Costco's Quality" frozen eggrolls deep fried to order/QUANTITY: you get what you pay for, huge portionQUALITY: WAY overpriced for buffet style chinese food (cheap buffet)...oops i meant NEW YORK style chinese food.Back in the late 90's in San Diego all the express chinese food places started popping up all over the city. no restaurant name, all it said on the store front was $0.99 Chinese Food....i've had better quality food at the $0.99 chinese restaurant than this place.i can't go back, wasted a cheat day on this...that morning run is going to hurt
Reviewed by: Rob S. on: 8/10/2012 8:08:00 PM
We stopped here based on a recommendation from close friends and I can say that any negative review is emphatically incorrect. We ordered Chicken and broccoli, Wonton soup, General Tso's Chicken and an egg roll. The egg roll was fantastic. The General Tso's Chicken had just the right amount of spice. The Wonton soup was immensely flavorful. All in all this place has a style of Chinese food as close to "New York" style as you are going to get out here in Las Vegas. It's a total "hole in the wall" kind of place, so don't come expecting fine dining. They have a drive thru and picking food up seems easy enough. I totally recommend this place wholeheartedly and will return many times to sample the rest they have to offer.
Reviewed by: Anna F. on: 6/4/2012 3:40:00 AM
No it's not a fancy Chinese food but it's always fresh, fast, & tastes great. Plus I love that if you are a regular they remember your orders & being able to drive thru on my way home makes it even better.I love their Singapore Noodles, the Cashew Chicken, Chicken with Garlic Sauce, Sesame Chicken, and LOVE LOVE LOVE their Hot and Sour soup. Their spring rolls and Egg Rolls are really good as are a lot of the 'appetizer' items on the menu.
Reviewed by: Kyla G. on: 4/21/2012 9:12:00 PM
I'd been looking for a $6 lunch combo Chinese place near my job for a while and finally stumbled across this one. One thing I absolutely LOVE is that you can order online. So convenient! You can also choose the level of "heat" you'd like in your dish.My coworker and I got shrimp in garlic sauce and Mongolian beef, respectively, both with fried rice. Both entrees were tasty and served in large portions. The rice was nothing special; I wouldn't order it again. The eggroll included in the lunch special was subpar. We also got chicken teriyaki sticks (chicken breast strips on skewers, crispy, not breaded, not too saucy). An order of 6 crab rangoons came free with the meal, which were the biggest I've ever seen and delicious.All in all, I'd order again, but I'd stay away from the fried rice and skip the eggroll.
Reviewed by: randiscandies on: 2007-03-02
Very good chinese food..like back home..I always get the roast pork and its to die for..order a D17 ...the dishes are huge and always pipping hot when the get to your door ...?
Reviewed by: scott davis on: 2008-12-16
What a mistake.soooooo disappointing. I decided to go inside to order & it looks like these people are actually living here. The kids wee running around , their bicycles parked in the corner, the TV blaring something on Cartoon Network ...?
Reviewed by: Rae on: 2009-11-25
My boyfriend & I have been getting food delivered from Chopsticks for about a year now. The food is decent it is always hot as can be when we receive it, they deliver in a speedy manner. We've never had any problems. & continue to get ...?