5425 HIGHWAY 153 N, Chattanooga, TN, 37343-6700 
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Reviewed by: jenkins0816 on: 2020/12/30 10:37:06
Service was unacceptable. Actually had to ask waitress to take our order after a 20 minute wait. By the time we got our food we were longer hungry. Will look for another place to eat Chinese.
Reviewed by: christyh39 on: 2011-06-26
In my book they've been the #1 Chinese restaurant for over 20yrs. It is the only Chinese restaurant that I will eat. My two favorites are Almond Chicken and Beef w/green peppers. The egg drop soup is delicious as well.
Reviewed by: Franklymyemailisprivate on: 2011-06-26
Good people and the food is always perfect. I have had Chinese all over the continent and all others disappoint me. The meat dumplings here are worth a long drive! I worked there as well 20 years ago and they are OCD about being clean. They make all of their dim sum from scratch from eggrolls to the dumplings. They also treat their workers very well. No wonder the accolades just keep piling up for them! I eat there EVERY time I am in town.
Reviewed by: aycegroupinc on: 2011-06-24
Formosa has been a staple of the Chattanooga culinary legacy in its 30 years---before the term "Chinese Restaurant" equated with the term "all you can eat buffet". Formosa is still a traditional dining establishment whose excellence comes from three decades of consistency---high quality, masterfully executed dishes with flavors that continue to reinvent what it means to be a Chinese restaurant in the 21st century. Great food, attentive service, and a caliber of food whose legacy of success speaks (and tastes) for itself. Unique combination of traditional dishes reinvented, like the Dragon Horse Chicken--which combines traditional Chinese crullers with savory chicken, or the Five Flavor Shrimp, with generous jumbo shrimp and the in-house candied pecans: tasting a good dish once is luck. Consistently good for three decades, is a legacy of excellence. Love coming back to this place.
Reviewed by: toliverj01 on: 2007-06-13
This the cleanest, best Chinese ever! It has been in business over 25 years at the same location. Every meal is cooked to order. No buffet here! Excellent wait staff and very good food. ...?
Reviewed by: Lisa S. on: 2009-01-06
Started going to Formosa on a recommendation from the front desk of the hotel I stayed at when I first came to visit Chattanooga. That was in 1996 and I've been a frequent customer ever since. I too have turned people on to this Terrific ...?
Reviewed by: Paul G on: 2009-01-06
This restaurant has consistently the best food and service in Chattanooga. There is no run of the mill chinese stale buffet. The food is fresh, made to order and great tasting. The menu is extensive but don't let that intimidate you. ...?
Reviewed by: spazjork on: 2009-01-15
The staff was friendly, atmosphere clean, food... not so good. The fried rice was soggy and none of us liked the scallop dish at all. The chicken fried rice was goopy and had a funny texture. All in all, we wont be going back. ...?
Reviewed by: jphixson on: 2009-01-21
Always tastes great, friendly staff, and quick service. I've been eating there for fifteen years and keep going back for more. I love the small size and quiet atmosphere. ...?
Reviewed by: christyloo on: 2009-08-16
Formosa is the first place I tasted chinese back in 198? when I was a teen. Since then it has always been a favorite of mine and no other chinese has ever tasted quite 'right'. My husband and I had our first date there, and it is a great ...?