5425 HIGHWAY 153 N, Chattanooga, TN, 37343-6700 
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Three decades ago, a terrific restaurant was opened in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Mitchel Lin, who became interested in catering business when he was studying in America. He went to a restaurant somehow and worked there to accumulate experience. Then his dream came true and now it turns out that he has made a right choice, as Formosa Restaurant is so popular.

Walking into the restaurant, you will feel as if you have entered into a sweet home. The ambience of the restaurant is sweet and inviting. The wall is full of Certificates of honor, which is telling the glorious history. It was rated “the Best Chinese Restaurant” in 2010. The quality food and excellent service have been recognized by the locals. Local people patronize the restaurant time and time again.

The most important reason for the popularity is the appeal of the incredibly good flavor of every dish. The most popular dishes include General Tso’s Chicken and Sesame Chicken, which are made of the same ingredients in new methods. Thus the flavor is a little different from the traditional ones. The signature dishes are Five Flavor Shrimp, Chopped Beef and Princess Steak Kew plus. Most of the local people like to keep their flavor, so Mitchel doesn’t change the flavor much often, but in case of the customers are tired of everything being kept the same, he changes the tableware and the presentation quite often. Besides, for those who like to seek new flavors, the chefs will tailor for their taste and make some new dishes.

“The fundamental factor influencing the operation of a restaurant is whether it has good staff,” asserts Mitchel. He gives every employee opportunities to be promoted if they work hard. The staffs like to work here and they have no problem in understanding the customers as all of them are Americans. The staffs have been well trained to introduce the dishes to customers. The service has been applauded by customers.

In the customers’ point of view, the time-honored restaurant has done a good job, but Mitchel never stops pursuing perfection. He is going to improve his business by researching some other restaurants both Chinese and western. With such a spirit of treating business and customers, Formosa will certainly enjoy a bigger success in the future.