2120 sw 13 st, Gainesville, FL, 32608 
352-338-8282 / 8283
Eat in,Take out,Delivery
Chinese Food,Asian fusion

Business Hours:
Closed - Closed
Restaurant Type
Eat in
Take out
Chinese Food
Asian fusion
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Reviewed by: kodiakdavis on: 2019/11/29 11:40:19
I placed an order and paid but when I arrived to pick up the order the place was closed for Black Friday
Reviewed by: warren321400 on: 2018/7/28 17:04:28
I I'm going to pay by debit card and not cash. Like it says I thought I hit it. When I was reviewing my order, anyways. Here it goes again
Reviewed by: 01833252821 on: 2018/5/20 7:12:01
goutam das
Reviewed by: 01833252821 on: 2018/5/20 7:11:40
tinkuri das
Reviewed by: rgwickham on: 2015-09-03
So after receiving our food I realized the order was completely wrong. Not only did they give us ext
Reviewed by: Mike C. on: 8/8/2012 11:23:00 AM
I ordered delivery from 2 dollar delivery. I had two meats, two sides and picked Bourbon Chicken and Spicy Chicken. You would think, or at least I did, this would be two separate chicken dishes with separate sauces....no? No, they mixed the two together??? Thank God I didn't order two different meats, this would have been a disaster!However, it was seasoned very well, unlike other Chinese delivery which tends to be bland overall. The white rice was cooked perfectly and the veggie roll still crispy and tasty. I would have liked a few more bell peppers than 1 slice and maybe some onions as the dish was 99% chicken and 1% veggies.Better than most and they actually season the food. Large helping, so the dog got lucky and he gave them 5 stars, but then he is not the pickiest eater I have come across. If you are traveling this is a good place to try for delivery!
Reviewed by: Michael P. on: 2/14/2012 4:07:00 AM
K, I dig Asian food, and easy Asian food at that. This is one of those places. Spring rolls are yummy, all chicken dishes are tasty (I LOVE spicy!!), chow mein is thick and good, fried/steamed rice is great. Small, cafeteria-style joint. One of the best eateries I've found in Gainesville.Why not 5 stars? Because I found a little black fly stuck in my sauce. Now, how does a small black fly getting stuck in my food still warrant 4 stars, though? That sauce is damned good, so I couldn't blame him for being in there.