Bei Jing Garden


285 Town Center Blvd, Easton, PA, 18040-8368
  • Minimum $15.00 for delivery. delivery within 4 Miles.
almond chicken
beef in szechuan style
beef pepper steak
beef teriyaki
Beef with Scallions2葱爆牛肉
Beef with Scallions葱爆牛肉
cantonese noodle
chicken cashewnut
chicken chow mein
chicken lo mein
chicken teriyaki
crispy beef
crispy prawn with sesame seed
Curry Chicken
dragon and pheonix
egg foo young
family delight
fortune cookie-water moon chicken
Fried Meat Dumplings
kung pao chicken
lemon chicken
lemon grass chicken
mandarin sizzling
mild mango sauce
Mixed Vegetable
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