J S Chinese Restaurant


116 W 2ND ST, CASPER, WY, 82601-2411

Type:Full service



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When craving for delicious Chinese fare, people in Casper, Wyoming always think of J S Chinese Restaurant instantly. Opened in 1998, this enchanting eatery has been pleasing the locals with palatable food, friendly service, comfy ambience and a sanitary environment since its grand opening. It offers dine-in and take-out services and can comfortably seat up to 75 diners at a time.

J S Chinese Restaurant is decorated in traditional Chinese style, with Chinese-inspired painting seen everywhere. Besides necessary condiments, each wooden table is decorated with potted plants. Moreover, the lingering classic Chinese music adds to the already laid-back atmosphere.

This decent establishment mainly serves Americanized Chinese fare with influence from mandarin culture. Its encyclopedia-like menu lists more than one hundred dishes, with Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Spring Roll and Crab Rangoon being the signature dishes. Each dish is beautifully presented, garnished with exquisitely carved fruit and/or vegetables. The skilled chef turns each seemingly ordinary menu item into flavorful culinary rendition that delights even the most finicky foodie.

The quality of customer service is a factor that may make or break a restaurant. According to the owner Mrs. Ouyang, direct communication with customers is the best way to resolve problems. A friendly and polite staff is always ready to handle any customers’ requests or demands in a timely and organized manner.

Another common theme that J S Chinese Restaurant revolves around is “fresh”. Ingredients are purchased and delivered to restaurant at a regular basis, and only fresh and top-notch ingredients are used to prepare each dish. While dining in J S Chinese Restaurant, customers can set their mind at ease about the food quality and freshness.

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