Fu Lai Kitchen


7023 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY, 11228-1103




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Fu Lai Kitchen a famous restaurant located in Hamilton, Brooklyn. The atmosphere is comfortable rather than luxurious and the service is fast and friendly. The restaurant was established in 2002 and provides take-out service. According to owner, Mr. Yanj Li, take-out orders are always filled in seven minutes or less. Customers’ on-the-go can trust that Fu Lai Kitchen will never hold them up.


The top selling dishes are Chicken with Broccoli, Braised Noodle and General Tso’s Chicken. All of above dishes represent well the time-honored Chinese culinary art and are delicious. According to Li, each ingredient is guaranteed fresh and of high quality. “Not every restaurant is willing to use such fine ingredients,” says Li. He is especially proud of the restaurant’s chicken stock which is carefully made from high quality chicken bones and used to flavor many of the dishes.


In addition, Fu Lai Kitchen not only focuses on the quality of food, but also on customer service. “Satisfying customers is the foundation of my business,” Li concludes, explaining the restaurant’s success.

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