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Reviewed by: Alejandro P. on: 8/13/2013 2:16:18 AM
I am not very happy with food. I ordered a beef bento box and the beef was old and had no flavor as well as the chicken bento box. Secondly, the California roll fell apart. This was a one time would not come back again.
Reviewed by: Nancy P. on: 6/28/2012 1:09:00 AM
I have been here a few times as it is close to work. Not many good choices in the area for Asian food.They have Chinese, Japanese and sushi dishes.I usually get the Bento box with shrimp tempura or the sesame chicken. Both are decent, but not outstanding. I have also tried their sushi. Not bad, it tasted fresh but again nothing outstanding. Their service depends on who your server is. Sometimes it is slow, while other times it is lightening fast.Pricing is average also. Are there better asian restaurents to go to? Yes, but not within my work area.
Reviewed by: Joe I. on: 5/21/2012 7:16:00 PM
Overpriced, bad tasting chinese food. I really wish I had better chinese takeout closer to my home. I fall into the trap of ordering here when I'm too tired to go to a better, further chinese establishment. I always pay the price with an unsatisfying meal :(.
Reviewed by: Alex T. on: 5/13/2012 4:18:00 AM
I'm sorry but when you serve me LUKEWARM food you automatically get 1 star. Beyond that, very average food in terms of taste and quality.
Reviewed by: Sherry L. on: 5/12/2012 7:36:00 AM
I ordered pork with garlic sauce on a Sunday night dinner out with my husband and daughter.The pork is kind of tough and the dish is lukewarm when it's served, which is kinda wired,isn't it?I guess I just had too high of an expectation.
Reviewed by: Nathan A. on: 5/5/2012 2:12:00 AM
Not sure why the bad reviews, maybe they are old. Went there on a Tuesday and the food was great, especially the sushi, calamari appetizer, and fried rice. Atmosphere and service wood good as well.Enjoy!
Reviewed by: Cammy G. on: 5/4/2012 2:41:00 PM
I had a very interesting lunch experience here...We decided to celebrate a co-worker's birthday here the other day. Our waitress was very nice and helpful, until she got our entire order wrong... Apparently, the accidentally ordered kung pao instead of the chef's special for 8 people. Then the fire alarms started going off...Overall, the food wasn't bad, and honestly the waitress was very nice. I might try this place again... but probably not.
Reviewed by: Lucy V. on: 4/25/2012 5:37:00 AM
The ONLY explanation for the people who are giving this place 4 and 5 stars is that they have never had good Chinese or Sushi! Frankly it should be illegal for less than a mediocre Chinese restaurant such as Dragon Gate to pretend they can serve sushi!! If you had seen the shrimp tempura roll and the $14 hama roll that was brought to our table you would agree...unfortunately the unflavored rolls did nothing to wash away the hideous flavor of the seafood hot and sour soup that was served lukewarm. Gross.I usually don't care about too much about the service since I am focused on the food...but service was horrible. The server would drop the food at out table and make a run for it like the kitchen was on fire... at 9pm on a Sat a total of 1 table was occupied!! What a waste of nice premier restaurant space on 360!
Reviewed by: Jimmy M. on: 4/1/2012 6:26:00 PM
It's been a while since I updated. Their food is still really good. Their sushi is great (and again, they have Tuesday specials) and the staff is quick and friendly. I get the $2 hand rolls on Tuesday. The 'crack' noodles, as we call them, are awesome and fresh and unlimited and free.It's a great spot and super convenient. I love Dragongate!
Reviewed by: Mama M. on: 3/30/2012 1:17:00 PM
My colleagues and I have ordered from Dragon Gate quite a few times since they deliver to our office. However, after today's experience, I don't think I will ever order from them again.The first time we ordered, I volunteered to call. I guess Dragon Gate decided to save my name and extension as the permanent contact for our company.We have never had problems with this restaurant in the past. We actually thought the food was decent, portions were big, prices were reasonable, and wait was never long.Just a while ago, I got a phone call on my extension. I barely said hello before the man on the other line said loudly and rudely, "Delivery! I am locked out! You locked me out!"Um, OK. I didn't order delivery, but I decided to go and open the door for him (we don't have a receptionist at the moment). I figured the customer's name would be on the ticket. Anyway, I opened the door, and he immediately said, "$15.02!" I asked to look at the name on the ticket. I was surprised to see it was MY name...misspelled.I said that I was the person on the ticket, but I didn't order and the info must've been saved from the last time I called. He gave an exasperated sigh and said "I'm very busy! I have so many deliveries this afternoon. I don't have time for this!" I invited him to wait AT THE ENTRANCE while I figured out who had ordered.Well, the delivery man pushed his way in, walked into our office, and started yelling (I kid you not), "WHO ORDERED FOOD? DELIVERY! WHO ORDERED FOOD?" I told him to please wait while I found out. He kept yelling, and EVERYONE was standing up looking over their cubicle walls in confusion at this frazzled delivery man. Finally, I found the person who had ordered from Dragon Gate. She went to deal with him, but it turned out it wasn't her order.I'm not sure what happened, but the delivery man left in a huff.I know this is just one instance out of the several times we have ordered. But I don't want to risk getting this man again.Today's fiasco created some laughs, but it was pretty embarrassing considering we had an interviewee in the office at the time. Let's hope Dragon Gate holds an employee etiquette course because the man's behavior was not professional one bit.
Reviewed by: Michael B. on: 2/27/2012 6:20:00 AM
The star dish of this place whispered to my wife through her connections in the Austin Chinese Girlie Mafia is the Three Cup Chicken. When she heard one of her favorite dishes was being served here off we went. And it didn't disappoint her. The aroma of flavor poured out of the hot stoneware and into our faces. She declared it authentically pleasing.Whew! I'd agree with most of the reviews here that mention average sushi but spectacular happy hour deals. We missed happy hour, but on Tuesday there are $2 hand rolls and and $2 Kirin specials the entire day. Find me a better deal than that! Soy was a little salty for our taste. But the spicy hand rolls were spot on at that price point!The spider roll wasn't as elaborate as I have seen in other places. Long crispy legs weren't sticking straight up. The taste was good enough.Fried spicy calamari was also a winner. Crispy fresh fried jalapeño slices are mixed in with the dish giving it some color. Try it with a little hot sauce for an added kick.Service was friendly and fast. Server was knowledgeable about his sake and wine offerings. My wife chatted with the owner a bit too. Looks like Dragon Gate attracts many regular customers. She seemed to know almost everyone who came in. Love to see that!This is a definite return spot for us especially since I can eat a little sushi and the wife can get a satisfying Chinese meal.
Reviewed by: Mike K. on: 2/22/2012 10:14:00 AM
Hey, Not Bad!We were pleasantly surprised by this place as I've never seen it crowded. Ordered some sushi and American Chinese food. The Chinese food was above average and the sushi was average I would say. We also ordered the yellow tail sashimi with jalapeno appetizer which kicked ass!Interesting surprise: all the waiters have prison tats!
Reviewed by: Amanda W. on: 1/29/2012 11:57:00 AM
Nice little place, and the sushi was ok, but I've definitely had better. If you go during lunch and get the specials it's probably a good deal but I don't think I'll go back again for dinner. I guess I'm a little finicky about my sushi.
Reviewed by: Janet Z. on: 1/14/2012 4:47:00 PM
Went for lunch- using a groupon. They tell you that in addition to the Groupon You MUST buy another food item-- not exactly the spirit of Groupon. But, we ordered the potstickers- which were not good-- the dough was very thick, only cooked on one side-- left most of it.The rolls- were...bland. My daughter ordered the spicy crab- which was not spicy. The roll I ordered had tuna, unagi and anago in it- tasted too fishy, not fresh, no sauce-- quite a disappointment. Glad I used a Groupon-- I would not go back.
Reviewed by: Contributor on:
west Austin's entry point for Chinese and Japanese The Scene Mod lighting and rich dark-wood furnishings set the tone of subdued and simple elegance. Asian stitch works don the walls, while the tepanyaki and sushi bars add a charge of the contemporary. Austin's Westlake set and Davenport ...?
Reviewed by: laudie007 on: 2004-07-04
I ate dinner here with my father and his entree was served 15 minutes before I got my sushi, which I saw ready on the sushi bar the whole time. Also, the waiters cannot speak English well enough to explain the menu or what you are trying to ...?
Reviewed by: ericusn on: 2005-09-23
I eat out a lot becuase of my job in sales and because it is hard to get my wife to cook (too busy with tennis and what not). We have been to Dragon Gate 3 times. 2 of the 3 times with another family. I have 3 kids, 7-12 yrs old, and our ...?
Reviewed by: bbuxton123 on: 2006-01-19
They didn't have ANY Japanese food left. The waitress could have just told us that, but she let us order it all and came back 20 minutes later to tell us they ran out. So without giving us another menu, she asks us to order again. ...?
Reviewed by: pclarkson4 on: 2006-06-30
I eat sushi at least three times a week, you could call me a sushi fanatic. Since I moved here a year ago I have been on the hunt for the best place to eat sushi for lunch. First of all, the dining room was very slow and they sat my ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2006-07-07
Restaurateur Phoenix Pai is creating a mini-empire in the Austin area, with three eateries catering to Asian-food lovers who just can't quite decide which cuisine strikes their fancy. Like her other places �C China Cafe by Phoenix on ...?
Reviewed by: stinkystinkerton on: 2006-09-19
I give the restaurant a 7 for good food and descent service. I give the rest of the reviews on this page 1's. Seems as though everyone is getting down on criticizing the staff for their lack of English skills, but grammar, punctuation, ...?
Reviewed by: cleveinaustin on: 2006-11-13
romantic and quite. weren't many folks there when I went for dinner, but still the service was slow. must've been the sushi we ordered, but it was good when it came. ...?
Reviewed by: givemefoodnow on: 2007-01-28
My boyfriend and I went there for the first time this past Saturday night and had a wonderful time. The sashimi was AMAZING!!! We also had the Tiffany Roll (which I highly recommend to those who like salmon and unagi) and some chinese ...?
Reviewed by: TXCRIS on: 2007-03-12
I was pleased to find another good sushi restaurant and even happier to finally find a good Chinese food restaurant. I've had good sushi around town, and Dragon Gate measured up very well. I had the chef's special with 12 pieces of ...?
Reviewed by: alrindfuss on: 2007-05-08
My girlfriend, her cousins, and I met a friend, who had given the restaurant a lukewarm review, at Dragon's Gate for dinner. Our waitress was very friendly and eager to please, but no one was satisfied with the food, which ranged from ...?
Reviewed by: phelaon on: 2007-08-03
My food didn't taste that bad, however the service was not good at all. When you pay $ 16 for a meal, the person serving you should understand what you and your family are ordering. This is after all America, where the language is English, ...?
Reviewed by: lucybrown on: 2007-11-12
Dragon Gate has a lot of different dishes on the menu so you really need to figure out what to order. Some are better than others. Haven't found the staff to be very helpful. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-12-18
I caught them taking advantage of my mother by charging her what they called a 30$ delivery fee, despite it saying on their website that they had free delivery. She ordered enough food from them that I think they conned hundreds of dollars out of her, and not even in any covert way: 30$ delivery fee? They are a bunch of crooks and the food is mediocre, so given the excessive price (if they don't try to charge you more than the menu says) I would definitely say *avoid*. Also, I've gotten food poisoning on two occasions from their sushi.?
Reviewed by: soleyb on: 2008-03-08
I've been here several times with my boyfriend and we both love the sushi. The rolls are some of the best I've had, not too much rice and a lot of meat. My favorite is the Spicy Crab roll :) The sashimi I think is a little on the ...?
Reviewed by: shaft28 on: 2008-04-28
The sushi was not bad. We tried 5 or 6 different rolls and found the Spicy Crab to be the best. The Philly roll was fine as was the shrimp tempura roll and the others we tried, The Volcano roll was quite good as well. ...?
Reviewed by: Daun S. on: 2008-06-07
I used to work nearby and would go here often because it is VERY fast and was conveniently located. The first month or two that it was open, it was wonderful, but it steadily went downhill since then. The sauces are bland. The food is ...?
Reviewed by: rachd23 on: 2008-08-23
My husband and I went tonight. We absolutely love sushi and were just not impresed with Dragon Gate. We tried the calamari, which was the oddest thing I have ever seen! I am used to round calamari served with a sauce, where tonight it ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-01-20
I've been to many sushi resturaunts around town including; Uchi, Sushi Saki, Kanobi, (A place on 6th St. to the right from IH35), a few places up and down Guadalupe, and some I have forgotten.... Dragon Gate is by far the best quality ...?
Reviewed by: mattioi on: 2009-06-28
HOW IS THIS RESTAURANT STILL OPEN? Ordered shrimp and chicken hibachi take out with salad and soup. EVERYTHING WAS TERRIBLE! Shrimp was way too salty and the chicken was painfully dry and tasteless. Salad dressing tastes like crunchy ...?
Reviewed by: adowning on: 2009-09-03
I ordered their lunch bento box which, per menu , comes with california roll and miso soup. Food tasted very mediocre and they DID NOT GIVE ME MY DARN CALIFORNIA ROLL. I paid $15 for this.. Never again. Stay away from that place. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-08-26
Dont order the Kung Poa chicken from this place, youd be better off buying a frozen dinner of such ingredients at HEB.If I didn't know better, I'd say my food was sitting below a heat lamp for 14 hours. Dragon Gate enables people to become more picky when it comes to Asian cuisine in Austin. Nice decor though.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-11-26
Don't bother eating here unless you just want some run of the mill food. I ordered sushi, sashimi and some sushi rolls along with a collar of tuna, the tuna collar was raw (it's not supposed to be) and when I sent it back, they just microwaved it instead of bringing me a new one or cooking it properly. On the other hand, the regular chinese food is just fine, but for the area and the prices expect very little.?