China Moon Restaurant


225 SE Oralabor Rd, Ankeny, IA, 50021-9118

Type:Full service

Cuisine:Hunan Cuisine,Szechuan


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Nestled in Ankeny, Iowa, China Moon Restaurant has been delighting the community since 1997. Having been in the area for nearly 13 years, the restaurant has endeared itself to the locals and is now known around the area for being a great place to dine at.

Featuring a bounty of menu items extending across Hunan, Szechuan and other culinary disciplines, China Moon is definitely a gourmet heaven for people who have cravings for Chinese cuisine.

Among a large selection of delectable dishes, Hunan Chicken, Walnut Chicken and Chicken/Beef with Mixed Vegetables are some of the crowd pleasers. Hunan Chicken, drawing from the culinary influences of Hunan cuisine, is a combination of tender chicken balanced with water chestnuts, baby corn, bamboo shoots, broccoli and carrots. The red peppers and chili sauce give the dish a spicy kick and help transform it into a truly alluring creation.

Many patrons opt to top off their dining experience with a glass of wine or beer to enjoy as they dine. After a long day’s work, many may want to seek a respite. Pairing beer with authentic Chinese fare is an attractive choice for many office workers who don’t have time to make dinner after a long day’s work. China Moon offers an extensive collection of wine, beer, whiskeys and home brewed cocktails, which are a refreshing treat during the summer. Diners can also order a Flaming Volcano if they are in an adventurous mood.

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