5 Biggest Restaurant/Bar Website Mistakes

Pubdate:2012-03-29   Hits:13215

For some reason, websites within the restaurant industry will often be of lesser quality when compared with what a person will be expecting from modern day websites. The actual cause of this really is unclear, seeing that even more recent restaurant web sites are afflicted by mistakes particular to the industry. For anybody who is about to create a establishment website, make sure you don't make these particular basic mistakes.

1.Flash doorway pages - People today do not want to see any sort of fancy animated graphics, videos, or other things streaming before they get to your web presence. Research has revealed that roughly 27 % of site visitors immediately hit the Back link whenever seeing an Adobe Flash based doorway page starting to buffer.
2.Music - Do you think that your visitor likes to be forced to hear some random song? Not at all, people don’t. They will be web surfing, searching for where to go or what to order, trying to find your restaurant's menu or your address. They aren't interested in any of your songs. A huge misconception among restaurant entrepreneurs is they will need to play music on the web site to express the climate of their restaurant. Very little could be further from the truth.
3.Downloadable PDFs as menus - People surfin the net do not want to have to download your menu, they simply wish to look at it. Try to make it simple for them by simply posting your restaurant's food items onto a menu page on the site, instead of requiring them to download a PDF file, save it, and having to open it in an additional software.
4.Not working with maps - Showing the specific location and even giving directions is absolutely imperative for your restaurant website. Google Maps will make this simple and easy.
5.Aged content - In the event the last event update to your site was in 2004, and also the last coupon on your website run out on March 20, 2006, you must do 1 of 2 things. Make sure you revise your events, blog, coupons, and so forth more often, or maybe you know you will not be updating them, remove all dated things from your internet site.

Making a great web site for your establishment needn't be hard, if you decide to keep the earlier mentioned in mind. Remember that you're making your establishment’s web presence with the intention of servicing your clients. Ensure that you allow them to have what they want.

Do not forget that the internet is continually changing, and staying on top of things will mean following online marketing trends. Staying up-to-date in internet restaurant marketing and advertising matters is essential if you would like have an engaging, advanced site.


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