New York Chinese Restaurant


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  • Reviewed by: snikkee    on:
    Please label the pictures of your food so we know what we are ordering
  • Reviewed by:    on:
    Terrible site. The shopping cart covers the entire menu. Impossible to order
  • Reviewed by: rere0690    on:
    Went into Green valley location on 07/08/2021 at 11:04 Am ordered a lunch special a chef special and appetizer. When I got to work and prepared to eat some of my purchase for lunch I found out I was missing the eggroll and crab ragoon that was part of lunch special. Not very happy at all as I spent $28.67 and added a tip to be kind in these time and feel jipped..
  • Reviewed by: thefells    on:
    Please disregard my earlier e-mail, I did receive a confirmation e-mail that you have my order for pickup tomorrow at 11am. Thank you, Stan Fell
  • Reviewed by: thefells    on:
    Please confirm that you received our on-line order that I submitted this morning. When I clicked on the submit order, everything disappeared, the screen went blank.
  • Reviewed by: badankle    on:
    Hello, Do you include fortune cookies with your meals? Thank you,
  • Reviewed by: adetcapuc    on:
  • Reviewed by: adetcapuc    on: