New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

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  • Reviewed by:    on:
    I wanted to like the place. I really did. So much so that I walked a little over a mile out of my way to visit the restaurant.The place looked clean enough, and the service was quick if a bit inattentive. But there' s no excuse for barely luke-warm food (I ate in and both the rice and tofu weren't hot). And worse, the the rice wasn't fresh! In a Chinese restaurant! The two big scoops of rice on the plate actually had some tough/dried bits on the outside edges.I doubt if I'll be back.
  • Reviewed by: sunya2m    on:
    I just ordered Eggplant in Garlic Sauce with no Onions, Scallions and hot peppers. I said I was allergic. There were hot pepper throughout the dish. I had to rinse off my eggplant and eat it totally bland. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. IF THEY SAY THEY ARE ALLERGIC, TAKE IT OUT THE FOOD! THANK YOU.
  • Reviewed by: yourbuddy    on:
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  • Reviewed by: Stevebyars    on: 2013-11-08
    I went through the whole process of deciding and ordering. Only when I tried to check out did I get
  • Reviewed by:    on:
    I frequently order from here for lunch and the food is always consistent. The lunch menu is reasonably priced and you get a good amount of food. The best chicken and broccoli I have ever had (and half the reason I keep coming back to this place). It can get filled up quickly at lunch time, but they are always fast with the food.
  • Reviewed by:    on:
    We were staying nearby and had a fix for Chinese food so decided to give this place a try.Had the chicken corn soup which had a significant amount of corn flour as the soup was like glue. We then has the thai noodles which were in a wet sauce.The place had a home cooked taste to the food, which if that is what you are looking for then this is a place for you.
  • Reviewed by:    on:
    Ice eaten from this restaurant several times because it is right across the street. If I were not completely lazy by nature, and willing to settle for subpar Chinese food rather than walk a few blocks, I would go to Meiwah at 21st and M St.I tend to judge a Chinese restaurant by the quality of its General Tsos chicken and it's Kung Pao chicken. Neither is anything special. It's general Tsos is too gooey, and the chicken is not crispy enough, and if there was any broccoli at all I don't remember it being there.Unless it's freezing out and you don't want to deal with things, please go somewhere else. Trust me.
  • Reviewed by:    on:
    Your typical cheap American-Chinese restaurant. When I need a fix of Sweet and Sour Chicken or General Tso's, this is my go-to spot. Portions are generous enough, the owners are friendly, and while it lacks ambience, it does what it sets out to do.It's nice to have this kind of family-run business in the yuppie haven that is DuPont.