How to Use Cell Phones in China?

How to Use Cell Phones in China?
Most of the cell phones bought in foreign countries like US, Germany, Japan and South Korea, can not be normally used in China because of different network service systems. In China, GSM and CDMA systems have covered the whole country, while 3G services are available only in eight cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. So the best thing is to purchase or rent a cell phone in China itself when you are here for your trip.
Many well-known world class brands of cell-phone are sold in franchised stores or large-scale emporia of China. After you purchase a new cell phone in China, it will be necessary to have a new Chinese SIM card inserted in the cell phone.
Mobile lease is also available in China though fewer people now use it. In the business halls of the mobile carriers, roadside cell phone shops or secondhand markets even at the airports, you may rent a cell phone. Besides, some companies will also offer you the mobile rental service through internet. You can have an online reservation to rent a cell phone.
The charging cost of your mobile varies, based on the different SIM cards. There are two big mobile carriers in China: China Mobile and China Unicom. The phone bill is required to be paid in advance at the business hall of the carriers or through the bill-paying card. All kinds of affairs related to your cell phone can be handled at the business outlets of your Service Provider. Besides, the free 24-hour hot lines 10086 (China Mobile) and 10010 (China Unicom) for the customer service are prepared for your consultation to answer all your questions at any time.
In China, you can directly dial the local number of the mobile phone by using your cell phone. If you want to dial a stationary phone out of the city where you are, area code should be added in front. For dialing countries overseas from China, the international access number '00' should be dialed first, then the code of your destination country and your local telephone with area code in front.
General Telephone Directory:114 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Weather Forecast: 121 Consumer Complains Hotline: 12315 Airlines Air China: 400 810 0999 China Southern Airlines: 95539 China Eastern Airlines: 95808 Shanghai Airlines: (86 21) 1010 5858 Hainan Airlines: 950718 Shenzhen Airlines: 95080