Danggui, a Powerful Blood Tonic

Danggui (Angelica root) is the most highly praised blood tonic used in the East. Though the root is extremely popular with women, men too can use Danggui to build blood. It is said to warm up the inner organs, improve circulation, beautify the skin, hasten healing of cuts and wounds and to act as a sedative. Since most women have a tendency to be slightly anemic, Danggui is popularly used in its cooked form to build blood.


Cultivated in Western China’s Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, the root is grown for one year, then harvested, peeled and dried in the shade. Although the herb's main function is to nourish blood, Chinese herbalists have subtly differentiated its functions according to the usage of the specific part of the root.  The topmost part or the head of the root called Guitou is used mainly to regulate and nourish the blood. The tail or end of the root, Guwei, is used primarily to promote blood circulation, remove blood stagnation and reduce pain. For general health maintenance, the whole root, from head to tail, is used.

Danggui, like ginseng, may be consumed raw or cooked, alone or in combination with other herbs. To eat it raw as a blood purifier, you can steam the root for a few minutes to soften it, and slice it into pieces. Allow the pieces to dry in a warm dry place (avoid direct sunlight) for around 24 hours, then put the pieces in a dark jar to store. The taste of raw Danggui is definitely palatable, though it will take a few days before you actually start liking it. Many people who eat Danggui do acquire a real liking for its unique flavor and become quite attached to their Danggui routine. 

To prepare Danggui for drinking, cook one root with six red jujube dates in three cups of water. Simmer it until one cup remains and drink half cup. Repeat twice a day for three days. Due to the very pleasant taste of the red jujube dates, this is one of the most popular ways to prepare Danggui.

You can also prepare chicken soup using three Danggui in addition to whatever other vegetables you would normally add. Consume the soup over a four-day period. This popular method of preparing Danggui is considered extremely tonic and nourishing. It is the most highly recommended way of taking Danggui when recovering from an illness. It is also recommended for those who are overly thin, pale or weak. Chicken soup with Danggui will build blood and flesh.

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