Reunion Dinner

Chinese people from all corners of the world celebrate the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival according to the Lunar Calendar. Therefore, the lunar New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are as important as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in western countries.


In China, there are different ways to celebrate the Spring Festival as people stick to various local traditions. But a reunion dinner is a must for everyone on Chinese New Year's Eve.


The reunion dinner on the eve of the Lunar New Year is like a magnet that draws all the family members back home. Reunion dinner is less of a ceremony and more of a promise that the family will once again unite despite their work and studies outside. The feast that's held on the eve of the New Year is always well prepared and sumptuous. Essentials of the feast include fish (representing an abundant year), lettuce (representing vigorous), shallot (representing wisdom), celery (representing diligence), chicken and duck. Although families still gather together, it is now often that they do not eat inside the home.  Many restaurants will offer a Reunion Dinner Package to attract these modern people who want to have a great dinner but haven't enough time to cook.