Shaanxi Noodles, a Wonderful Artwork

Just like pasta to Italy, noodle is the staple food for the people in Northern China. Just like pasta has numerous kinds, noodle takes in a large variety of forms. Raw materials range from wheat, sorghum, oat, millet, to potato. Shapes differ from the most common thin-string form, to the ear-shaped thin slice, to the weird beehive shape.

Almost all varieties of noodle originate from the northwestern, especially in Shanxi and Shaanxi. Though you can try out a lot of these varieties in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, for the best noodle eating experience, you still got to try them in their original places.

Noodles in Shaanxi are not like those commonly seen. They’re cut thick and wide, and look like waist-belts. Not only are they tensile, tasty and savory, but also provided in large quantity.”  Comparing with noodles in other places, the noodles in Shaanxi can be called such a name “miantiao”(noodles as thick as bar), while noodles of other areas should be given the name “miansi”(noodles as thin as thread),

In Shaanxi, all women are master-hands in rolling noodles. If a girl can’t cook noodles well in her own home, she, to a large extent, is apt to be despised after marriage. In the rural area Shaanxi Province, the most important thing for a grown-up girl is not to be able to sew clothes or weave out a certain pattern, but rather to roll a full board of noodles.

Noodles in Shaanxi are essentially eye-catching in their size. Their thickness, width and length go beyond many people’s imagination, shaped like belts tied around waist. However, don’t be shocked by its imposing appearance. Seasoned with oiled red pepper powder, russet soy-sauce and vinegar, a bowl of genuine Shaanxi noodles is almost an artwork, with white salt, chopped green coriander and onion. Sitting before the bowel, you might not be able to pick up your sticks for fearing to destroy that bowl of wonderfully arranged noodles.