Here Comes The 'Golden Pig Year'

The Lunar New Year dates from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Di introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The years progress in cycles of 12, and each year is represented by an animal. Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February. On the Chinese calendar, year 2007 starts on February 18, and is the year of the pig.

The cycle of 12 repeat five times to form a larger cycle of 60 years, in each of the 12-year cycle, the animals are ascribed an element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water). The year of pig in 2007 is especially auspicious since it is with the element of gold, something that happens every 60 years, and children born in this year are said to be blessed. As for Pigs in 2007, any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome so look forward to a year in which to really shine, either personally or professionally

The Sign of the Pig 

If you were born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, or 2007 - you were born under the sign of the pig. Famous people born in the Year of the Pig include Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Mahalia Jackson, David Letterman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Pig is a fun and enlightening personality blessed with patience and understanding. They are honest and thoughtful and expect the same of other people. "It’s better to give than to receive" would probably be the Pig’s motto. Pigs are more comfortable giving of their own time or attention than they are to ask others for it. They do not find asking for help an easy task and would rather carry the burden themselves. Pigs will do anything they can to maintain a sense of peace amongst family or friends. This can lead to a tendency to be taken advantage of, but Pigs basically forgive and forget everything.


Because they do not get much exercise they also have a tendency to gain weight. A Pig’s stomach and intestines are prime spots for sickness because he tends to overindulge with food, alcohol or nicotine. In order to maintain a clean bill of health, Pigs should watch their diets, make sure they get enough vitamins and minerals each day and somehow work an exercise routing into their daily lives.


Pigs generally do really well when they get to be creative. They usually do better at jobs where they can express themselves. They are enthusiastic about taking on new responsibility at work and jump in to give a hand to colleagues in need. Pigs are well-liked by co-workers because are so willing to help and they have an eye for detail that makes them quite invaluable to upper management.

Those born in the Year of the Pig share the same kinds of goals and objectives in life. Pigs make excellent in occupations like Doctors, Caterers, Dentists, Entertainers, Veterinarians, Hotel Management, Department store personnel, and Interior decorators.

The Pig in Love
Pigs make good partners and most people would consider themselves lucky to be involved with one. Still, some people are not suited for a Pig’s easygoing nature.

Partners in Love

You will have a tendency to spend a lot of money, but you will have a lot of fun doing it!

You are two sexually charged individuals; you work on a mental relationship as well.

You share trust and friendship.

Affectionate and caring, you’ve headed for a wonderful companionship.

A loving and warm relationship.

Not enough in common to commit to a stable union.

Easygoing but maybe too much so for your own good.

Trust and honesty make this a winning combination.

Sexual tension is heightened by a constant need to disagree.

Even though you disagree on a few things, if you try to make it work it will be great.

Stable and supportive, but not much passion or fire.

You are off to a good start, but eventually it fades.