3 Dinning Tips for Computer Users

You may have rich knowledge about the health problems of the “computer class”: according to a survey, among the global computer population, 83% has eye fatigue, 63.9% has shoulder pain, and 56.1 % and 54.4 % has headache and loss of appetite respectively. Other commonest symptoms include those nervous related ones such as depression, insomnia, being easily annoyed and memory declination.

To help you reduce this long-term damage, FCN has selected out some dining tips for you. From brown rice, longan to various kinds of leafy vegetables, these ordinary food and ingredients used in Chinese cooking just have amazing function in maintaining the health of the “computer class”.

Eye protection

To prevent the declination in eyesight, dishes and food contain Vitamin A is necessary in everyday dining. Besides the commonest eye strengthening foods like egg, dairy, fish, nuts, tomato and carrot, vegetables like Chinese cabbage (Pak Choi), daylily, spinach, mustard leaf, shepherd's-purse, water spinach, bitter melon and fig are also cooked as preservation food for eye. 

Daylily dishes are rich in Vitamin A.

Stir fry water spinach is a common dish in Chinese home cooking.

Radio Resistance 

Long time exposition to radio causes damages to nervous system. To avoid depression, insomnia, emotion liability and declination of memory as well as for brain strengthening, nutritional contents such as protein, fat, calcium, iron and B vitamins is needed. Recommended food typically popular in China includes brown rice, millet, dried mushroom, wild vegetable and Longan.

Wild vegetable is rich in B vitamins and helps stabilize emotions.

Tea and Mung Beans 

Tea and mung beans are specially listed out for their versatile function. Medlar tea, Chrysanthemum tea and green tea can help purify your heart and brighten your eyes (TCM). It also assists in radio resistance and excreting poison from the body.


According to TCM, mung beans can help clear away heat and toxic materials, strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea. Simply speaking, it helps antidote and excrete the toxic materials inside the body and prevents pollution from outside environments.