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TopDoes it really work?

Yes! We've processed lots and lots of orders already without a hitch. We work hard to make the service reliable, as we know many of you are hungry when you are placing your orders.

TopHow does it work?

When you place an order through our web server, our software automatically sends your order to the appropriate restaurant via fax within about 60 seconds. We then verify that the restaurant has received your order.

TopWho is chinesemenu.com?

www.chinesemenu.com is an Internet Company devoted to connecting restaurants to the Internet community. We specialize in on line ordering and provide on line ordering for every restaurant on our system.

TopHow do I get my favorite restaurants onto the chinesemenu.com service?

If you have a favorite take-out or delivery oriented restaurant that you'd like to see on www.chinesemenu.com, please do the following: First, input your restaurants name keyword and click on search ,then related restaurants information will show up. Second, select you favorite restaurants

TopWhat information is accessible to restaurants?

When you make a restaurant reservation using Chinesemenu.com, your name and telephone number are provided to that restaurant, just as would occur if you were making a reservation over the phone. Your email address is not provided to that restaurant unless you specifically indicate that you are interested in receiving emails from that restaurant. You also have the option of providing special preferences or comments regarding your reservation, which Chinesemenu.com will pass on to that restaurant.

Chinesemenu.com will only share the information specified above with the restaurant at which you have made reservations using Chinesemenu.com. Restaurants cannot use their Electronic Reservation System to access information pertaining to diners or dining histories from other restaurants, with the exception that restaurants under the same corporate ownership may elect to share diner information between restaurant properties.

Restaurants may receive summary reports of feedback from recent dinners. If you provide comments about a restaurant, these will be shared with that restaurant anonymously. However there is the potential that a restaurant may associate a particular feedback with your dining reservation. You may choose not to be anonymous while submitting your comments if you specify your identity or provide contact information such as an email address for the restaurant to use in response to your feedback.

TopDisclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal information

If you wish to have Chinesemenu.com disclose to you the personal information held by Chinesemenu.com and the means through which Chinesemenu.com obtained such information, or if you desire the information's correction, suspension of use, or to be informed of the purpose of use by Chinesemenu.com, please contact Chinesemenu.com. Upon receiving the request, Chinesemenu.com shall meet such request pursuant to the provisions of each applicable privacy regulation after it confirms that such request has been made by you personally.