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Order & Delivery

TopPlacing an Order

If you're new to chinesemenu.com, you may wish to review our Placing Your First Order Help page. We also provide additional assistance on the Using the Shopping Cart and 1-Click Ordering Help pages.

To view all the Ordering Help pages in this section, please see the Related Topics section at the bottom of the page.

TopFinding restaurant Information

The Search Tips & restaurant FAQs Help section contains information about available menues at chinesemenu.com, how to find additional menu information, and the best way to search and browse for the restaurant that you are interesting to.

TopShipping and Delivery Information

If you are interested in learning about shipping rates or when your order might be delivered, please visit our Shipping and Delivery Help section.

The easiest way to see exact shipping charges for an order is to put items in your cart, proceed to checkout, and view the order summary. You'll be able to adjust shipping options and see exact shipping charges. You can always cancel or return to your shopping without actually placing the order.

TopOrder Payment Information

For information about payment methods accepted on chinesemenu.com and help troubleshooting payment issues, please visit our Payment, Pricing & Promotions Help section.

TopOrders to International Locations

Looking to ship an order to a non-U.S. destination? Please see our International Shipping Rates Help page. You may also want to consider shopping at chinesemenu Stores around the world.

TopWhy should I use the service?

On line ordering provides several advantages rather than telephone based ordering. For example, you will not receive a busy signal, you will not be put on hold, and your order will be relayed to the restaurant in an accurate fashion. Some users have told us that its easier to convey an order via chinesemenu because either they or the restaurant operator have an accent which sometimes makes it difficult or frustrating to communicate over the telephone. chinesemenu also has additional features such as storing your personal profile - so you need only enter delivery instructions once and can have them automatically inserted into your order. Our saved order feature lets you store your previous orders for near Instant Replay with just two mouse clicks. Some of our very savvy users have been known to place orders in less than 25 seconds!